ice cream

When all the others players are too big and artisanal ice cream makers too small, B'Nice is the ideal solution !

We are a family business with a strong passion for ice cream

Everything started off with little brother Joris Ijs, when Marcel Joris rode his cargo bike through the streets shortly after WWII to sell ice cream.  In the meantime, our family business has reached the third generation and daughter and granddaughter have taken over.  In 2000 we split our company into Joris Ijs to sell to private individuals and B'Nice to sale to B2B.  We now produce ice cream under our own brand name B'Nice as well as private label ice cream for Belgian and European brands.

Since 1949 we have been developing

ice cream from fresh milk and cream for

Food service

A closer look

This is how we do it

Our traditional recipes
Improve traditional recipes
Developing recipes together with the customer

Take a look at

Our large assortment
Fruit and vegetable sorbets
Ice cream with butter or cream of fresh cow's milk
Ice cream based on lactose-free ingredients
Ice cream based on fresh goat's milk or sheep's milk
Organic ice cream from fresh organic milk and organic cream & organic sorbets (Certisys)
Vegan (non-dairy) ice cream
100 % vegetable ice cream and sorbets
Ice cream without added sugars
Yoghurt, skyr and kefir ice cream

Additions of sauce, swirls and pieces of fruit, chocolate and/or nuts are possible

Ice cream in any shape or size

130 ml cardboard cup

500 ml cardboard cup

750 ml tub - 1 L tub - 2,5 L tub - 5 L tub

7,6 L bulk cardboard

17 L bulk cardboard

Specials: Mini cups - Champagne flutes - stuffed fruits - cakes

Sustainable business

We already do this:

* Recyclable packaging
* Roof fully covered with solar panels
* Waste policy

In the future, we want to further develop our sustainability policy 

Quality first

High quality ice cream

B'Nice produces according to the highest quality standards and meets the international standard.  We also work with reliable suppliers, so we know exactly where our raw materials come from.

* Fresh milk delivered by local farmers
* Real Belgian chocolate
* Pistachios from Bront (Sicily)
* Tangerines from Sicily
* Vanilla extract with Madagascar vanilla pods
* Fresh vanilla beans from Madagascar and Tahiti
* 40-50 % of the best fruit purees

B'Nice NV

Rouwbergskens 4
2340 Beerse (Belgium)
+32 (0)14 61 13 06